Leadership Lessons From The Great Books - True Grit by Charles Portis w/John Hill aka Small Mountain

Leadership Lessons From The Great Books #98 - True Grit by Charles Portis w/John Hill aka Small Mountain
00:00 Welcome and Introduction - True Grit by Charles Portis w/John Hill aka Small Mountain.
02:56 On Leadership Lessons From the Great Books Getting to 100 Episodes.
07:00 Exposed by the Large Language Algorithms.
08:30 On Not Being Succinct on This Podcast.
14:56 True Grit by Charles Ports - The Book and the Movies.
16:44 Introducing Mattie Ross.
18:56 Negotiating with Colonel Stonehill.
21:33 The Literary Life of Charles Portis.
28:00 The Moral Righteousness of Mattie Ross.
30:00 John Wayne vs. Clint Eastwood - An Analysis of Movie Stardom.
37:00 Doing the Work of Sales Leadership and Doing the Art of Sales Leadership.
47:00 Having Better Sales Conversations Through Consultive Selling.
48:11 "Taking Ownership Over Your Content" by Mattie Ross. 
52:50 Toxic and Tough Language in Fiction Books and Films.
54:20 Jesan Didn't Think Django Unchained Could Have Been Made.
57:20 Just Erasing the Statues of History Does Not Eliminate the Hurt of History.
59:00 Statues are a Form of Worship and Public Homage and Reverence.
1:00:00 Leaders Remember That the First Report is Often a Wrong Report.
1:02:30 Imagine Not Having Access to Global News.
1:10:00 Giving Matt Damon Credit for Being an Actor.
1:11:49 John Isn't Burning His Kanye West Albums, but He's Also Not Listening to Kanye's Streaming Music.
1:15:30 Mattie Ross, Rooster Cogburn, LaBeouf and Being a Young Salesperson.
1:20:14 The Western United States is Far Away from the Eastern United States.
1:22:31 Rooster Cogburn is the Veteran Sales Professional.
1:24:20 Manifest Destiny and the Role of Ensuring Civilization in the Wild West.
1:31:47 Leaders, is it Okay to Eat Your Neighbor?
1:34:00 Leaders, What is the Bedrock of Your Ethical Worldview?
1:37:45 Just 17% of Americans are Attending Church More Than 1x Per Month.
1:43:11 Everything Moves in True Grit Because of Mattie Ross's Leadership.
1:52:30 Leaders Sometimes Compromise.
1:55:00 The Conceit of the Creed of Freedom in the United States.
1:57:00 Patrick Henry and the Anarcho-Libertarian Strain in American Character.
2:00:00 Lucky Ned Pepper, Crime and Punishment, and Genuine Evil.
2:04:48 Leaders Struggle to Unite Themselves Psychologically.
2:06:15 Charles Portis and True Grit's Sense of Humor.
2:11:14 Which Version of the True Grit Films Should Leaders Watch?
2:13:05 Staying on the Path with Leadership Lessons from True Grit by Charles Portis.
Opening and closing themes composed by Brian Sanyshyn of Brian Sanyshyn Music.

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John Hill aka Small Mountain
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Leadership Lessons From The Great Books - True Grit by Charles Portis w/John Hill aka Small Mountain
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